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NAMI Eastside’s 13th annual Youth Mental Health Conference: Speak your mind

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2023

The Youth Mental Health Conference is for young people, educators, families, and community members to understand youth mental health challenges and gain tangible skills and resources to support youth.

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The NAMI Eastside Youth Mental Health Conference is a yearly event in Redmond, WA for educators, parents, youth, and anyone else interested in learning from a wide range of leaders and mental health experts. The conference will help you understand youth mental health challenges and gain tangible skills to support youth. It also features a resource fair providing a wide range of tools and knowledge for all.

This year’s theme is “Speak your mind” and the conference is built to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health for all age groups. Youth are leaders in this regard, and there are countless examples of young people sharing inspiring stories and insights. Reminding people to speak their mind is not only encouragement to be open and honest about your mental health, but it is also recognition that prior generations can learn from this one. Youth can – and should – speak their mind about social issues such as mental health stigma, and their elders should be ready to listen. Knowledge will flow both ways on April 28, with students learning from teachers and teachers learning from students.

Presenters in the past have been leaders of all ages and backgrounds including news anchors, professors, elected officials, counselors, therapists, doctors and other mental health experts. The stars of the show, however, are the brilliant youth!