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We had a great time at the Youth Mental Health Conference and learned a lot on March 22! We are continuously inspired by the youth panelists, presenters, and attendees and want to give a big thank you to everyone for creating space to fight the stigma and speak openly about mental health. We are beyond grateful to our sponsors and partner organizations who took part in our resource fair and who show up to support the youth in our community each and every day.

If you attended the conference, please help us by filling out this quick 4-question survey. It makes a big difference. Also, if you haven't already checked out the NAMI Eastside Youth Instagram page, you can find us at @NAMIEastside_youth

Photos from YMHC24 are here!

Professional photos from the 2024 YMHC are now available below! Click on the picture to save and expand it. You can find videos on the Youth Instagram page and more are coming soon.

  • Check out the slides from youth presentations that were shared that day here
  • Find a digital copy of our Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT) journal here
  • View photos and more from the 2023 Youth Mental Health Conference

NAMI Eastside’s annual Youth Mental Health Conference March 22, 2024

What: NAMI Eastside – the East King County affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness – has hosted the annual Youth Mental Health Conference for over a decade. It is an event created by and for young people, featuring panel discussions, presentations, and a resource fair. The conference gives attendees unique insight into the challenges young people face when it comes to mental wellbeing, and it aims to bring the community together to find solutions.

When: Friday, March 22, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Where: This year’s event is at Together Center in Redmond:

16305 NE 87th St

Redmond, WA 98052


The conference is free to attend for youth ages 6-25. Adult tickets cost $25.


You can register for the event here.


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NAMI Eastside Announces date and location for annual Youth Mental Health Conference

Come as You Are - Healing Through Acceptance will be at Together Center in Redmond


REDMOND, WA –  Feb. 2, 2024 NAMI Eastside is excited to announce its upcoming Youth Mental Health Conference, themed "Come as You Are - Healing Through Acceptance." The event will take place on March 22, 2024, at the Together Center in Redmond. This annual gathering is a unique opportunity for the community to engage in learning and healing, driven by the youthful energy of East King County.


Youth panelists will lead insightful roundtable discussions, while local organizations will provide youth-centric resources at informational booths. Additionally, NAMI Eastside's Youth Ambassadors will showcase their impactful projects.


  • The conference is free for youth aged 6-25, with early bird pricing for adults at $15. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Together Center, just across from the AMC at 16305 NE 87th St Suite 110, Redmond, WA 98052.
  • Registration and additional details are available on the youth programs page at nami-eastside.org or YMHC.org
  • You can also view last year's agenda and photos at nami-eastside.org/photos-from-ymhc-2023/


All are invited

While most presenters hail from East King County, the conference addresses challenges in youth behavioral and mental health that span from Bellingham to Portland. Everyone is welcome, and additional accommodation is available for attendees traveling longer distances. Reach out to the NAMI Eastside team for more information.


Empowering Youth Voices

The "Come as You Are" theme underscores the importance of acceptance and understanding in mental health. This year's conference focuses on the power of connection, open communication, and the collective strength that can inspire societal change and hope.

NAMI Eastside's youth programs remained strong this year with interest in trainings like Teen Mental Health First Aid, Ending the Silence, and suicide prevention courses. Cope2Thrive has been especially popular as it provides invaluable Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training – a highly effective, drug-free approach to managing behavioral health concerns.

The conference aims to amplify the young voices that already make these programs a success, fostering a platform for change and hope.


About NAMI Eastside

NAMI Eastside, the NAMI East King County affiliate, is located at the Together Center in Redmond. This pioneering center offers affordable housing, dentistry, immigrant and ESL support services, among other resources. NAMI Eastside's offices are conveniently situated down the hall from the conference room. Visitors are always welcome to explore and engage with the many services offered.


Contact Information

Press Contact: Alec Northrop info@nami-eastside.org (425) 885-6264


Theme, links, and QR codes

The 2024 Youth Mental Health Conference presented by Overlake Hospital is themed “Come as you are.” The theme recognizes that there is a loneliness epidemic that is best solved by connection, but stigma surrounding mental health issues prevents many from sharing their emotions and beginning the healing process. Discussion topics will include methods that can be employed to help friends and family understand they can talk through their struggles.

Contact info@nami-eastside.org for general queries, edie@nami-eastside.org to participate in the resource fair or as a youth presenter, and alec@nami-eastside.org for press inquiries. 


Flyers and graphics

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Our partners

Our community partners not only make this event possible, but make it possible for the lifesaving work our volunteer-driven organization delivers through support groups, education, and community connection.

To learn more about the lives our partner organizations save, follow the link from their logo or give us a shout out at info@nami-eastside.org

About NAMI Eastside

As the East King County Affiliate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), NAMI Eastside has been committed for 22 years to improving mental wellness in Bellevue and beyond. They offer support groups, classes, forums, and much more to the community free of charge to help families and individuals navigate a wide range of mental health-related obstacles. They are dedicated to breaking the stigma that halts conversations surrounding mental health, and seek to normalize, inform, and learn together with the community.


The mission of NAMI Eastside is to provide advocacy, education, support, and public awareness so that all people impacted by mental illness and mental health conditions can lead healthy and productive lives.

NAMI Eastside was founded in 2001 by longtime Bellevue residents Michael Rynas and his wife Susan, who tragically passed in 2023. While President of NAMI Greater Seattle (formerly called WAMI), and founder and former President of NAMI Eastside, Mike recognized that virtually no services were available on the Eastside for family members, and very little for those with mental illnesses. He and Susan led the charge for change. Together they traveled all over the state, personally meeting with families in crisis, city officials, and local legislators, speaking to whomever would listen about the tragedy of mental illness and the lack of services available for individuals with mental illness and their families; NAMI Eastside is one result of their energy and dedication.


Today, NAMI Eastside still strives to meet people where they are at, and recently moved in at the new Together Center, a campus in Redmond with a groundbreaking model that seeks to provide services and affordable housing in one location - quite literally meeting people where they are at. Come by the campus that is open to the public or learn more here.

2023 YMHC program and photo gallery