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The 24-Hour Crisis Line provides immediate help to individuals, families, and friends of people in emotional crisis. They can help you determine if you or your loved one needs professional consultation and can link you to the appropriate services.


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    County Resource Line

    King County 2-1-1 connects people to the help they need. They provide the most comprehensive information on health and human services, whether it’s for housing, financial needs, or the location of the nearest food bank.


    Call 1-877-211-9274 or Text 2-1-1

    for more information
    Drug Testing FAQ is a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to better health through laboratory medicine. 
    They work with their Medical Review Board, consisting of authorities in their medical and scientific field, to review cutting-edge medical research and developments. They provide people with trusted and reliable information to help them make informed health decisions.
    They have partnered with many leading health organizations worldwide, such as the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science, to provide communities with access to our medical guides. Their collection of approachable and actionable guides sheds light on important questions and helps individuals make informed health decisions.
    You can check out their guide to answer your questions about drug testing by clicking the link below: Drug Testing Info

    Eating Recovery Center Live Webinar

    Weight stigma remains a present and ongoing challenge in our healthcare setting, which can impact an individual's access to care. Individuals diagnosed with “Atypical” Anorexia Nervosa can experience weight stigma leading to a delay in necessary treatment and even praise for weight loss despite having the same psychological burden, medical complications, and risks that an individual in a smaller body who is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa experiences.This presentation will review how diet culture and weight stigma impact eating disorders and discuss ways to support individuals in diverse bodies who are diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Presenters will review proper assessment techniques and treatment interventions. In addition, the presentation will address ways to challenge weight stigma within the treatment setting and support patients in navigating weight stigma outside of treatment.


    Learning Objectives


    • Discuss diagnostic criteria and interventions recommended for individuals diagnosed with “Atypical” Anorexia.


    • Describe the impacts of diet culture on body image and disordered eating.


    • Discuss weight stigma and be able to describe 1-2 ways to support patients with navigating weight stigma.




    Ileana Calinoiu, MD


    Jessica Barth Nesbitt, MA, RD, LD, CEDRD


    Bellevue Workforce Education Program

    Are you receiving Basic Food Assistance (SNAP/EBT) or were you denied because you are a student? Are you receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)? Are you receiving Unemployment Insurance or recently (last four years) exhausted Unemployment Insurance and haven’t got back to work? Do you consider yourself an individual that qualifies for low-income programs? If so, then see if you qualify for Workforce Education funding:

    Click Here to apply anytime, even between quarters!


    Contact Kris Van Dyke at:

    if you have any questions.

    Teen Link

    Teen Link empowers youth to make positive and self-respecting decisions about their lives and provides resources and assistance to help them. Teen Link includes a statewide teen-answered help line, online chat support, youth suicide prevention training, community outreach and education, and resource guides. Teen Link focuses on serving youth in the Seattle-King County area and Washington State.


    Please contact 1-866-833-6546 

    for more information

    Crisis Connections

    Formerly Crisis Clinic, Crisis Connections has the largest database of resources in King County, hands down, with staff updating their database every day. More than 5,000 services and 1,500 agencies by category & zip code.


    Call 206-461-3210 

    for more information

    General Renter FAQ Seminar


    WHEN: Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 3-4:45pm

    WHERE: Zoom. Register for link.

    WHAT: Learn some Landlord-Tenant Law basics, including…

    • how to navigate housing search
    • tenant screening applications
    • how to get your security deposit back
    • how to document things with your landlord
    • dealing with repair issues
    • …and other landlord-tenant issues

    A visiting attorney from the Tenant Law Center will also be on hand to help with answering questions.

    If you are currently living in King County and being threatened with eviction, contact the Housing Justice Project for legal assistance at 206.267.7069 or

    TO REGISTER: Go to Rent Smart: General Information for Residential Tenants on the King County Library System website.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Julia Gibson at

    Washington Recovery Help Line
    (866) 789-1511

    The Washington Recovery Help Line is an anonymous and confidential help line that provides crisis intervention and referral services for Washington State residents. Professionally trained volunteers and staff are available to provide emotional support 24 hours a day, and offer local treatment resources for substance abuse, problem gambling and mental health as well as to other community services.

    Washington Warm Line

    Washington Warm Line is a peer support help line for people living with emotional and mental health challenges. Calls are answered by specially-trained volunteers who have lived experience with mental health challenges. They have a deep understanding of what you are going through and are here to provide emotional support, comfort, and information. All calls are confidential.


    Call 1-877-500-9276

    Psychology Today
    Therapist Finder

    Psychology Today offers an extensive directory of the best therapists, psychologists, & psychiatrists, including their availability, type of insurance accepted (Including Medicaid), and searchable by zip/specialty.

    FREE Flu Shots For Vets


    WHAT: It’s now easier than ever for veterans to get their influenza vaccine. In addition to VA medical facilities across the country, flu shots are now available at no cost for eligible Veterans at more than 70,000 in-network community providers nationwide.  You may also be able to get your COVID-19 vaccine during the same visit.

    Check out this video, Veteran Community Care Flu Shots, to find out more.

    Online Group Meditation for Stress Management

    Meditation for Stress ManagementFriday, December 2th, 10:00-11:00 AMMeditation is proven to be one of the most effective ways that someone can reduce their stress levels.

    It may be difficult to find the motivation to start meditating, or it may be hard tounderstand how to do it.

    If you are interested in learning some basic meditation skills andpracticing them with a knowledgeable instructor, join us for this online group session. Like all IWCC events, it is completely free.

    Register using this link:

    Register Here

    Author Voices with Esmé Weijun Wang

    Join a discussion with Esmé Weijun Wang, author of The Collected Schizophrenias (available for purchase from Third Place Books).  Local author Anne Liu Kellor will moderate.


    Esmé Weijun Wang is a novelist and essayist. She is the author of the New York Times-bestselling essay collection! Born in the Midwest to Taiwanese parents, she is the founder of The Unexpected Shape™ Writing Academy for ambitious writers living with limitations. 


    Anne Liu Kellor is a mixed-race Chinese American writer, editor, and teacher based in Seattle. Her memoir, Heart Radical: A Search for Language, Love, and Belongingwas a 2021 Independent Publisher Book Award Bronze Winner, a Foreword Indie Finalist, and a Washington State Book Award Finalist. Her essays have appeared in publications such as YES! Magazine, Longreads, Fourth Genre, Witness, The Normal School, New England Review, and many more. 


    She can be found at and on Twitter @esmewang.


    Reserve Your Spot Here!

    A leading senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. We have been featured by AARP, The Administration for Community Living, The National Legal Resource Center, and Forbes, as well as referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the Internet.


    Call 1-800-294-8481

    for more information

    Influence The Choice:
    Action Forum for the Youth



    Join Influence the Choice

    for a youth led review of the Issaquah School District 2021 Healthy Youth Survey results, hear from our students about their real-world experiences, and learn about actions we can take to promote healthy youth in our community. 


    Influence the Choice will be reviewing the 2021 ISD Healthy Youth Survey Data, have guest speakers, and a student panel. A light continental breakfast will be served.


    The Event will be held at Blakley Hall in Issaquah. Tickets to attend are free to the public and open to all ages!


    Click Here to get your tickets!

    Affordable Health Insurance

    On Affordable Health Insurance, you’ve got expert guidance. An industry-expert editorial team dedicated to providing you with reliable and useful health insurance information authors and reviews every guide on Affordable Health Insurance. You can apply for health insurance programs anytime! Eligibility redeterminations are conducted regularly. If you qualify, you can have both Medicare and Medicaid.

    Opportunities for People Experiencing Homelessness

    Under a partnership between TRAC Associates and King County Jobs and Housing, people currently experiencing homelessness in King County may be eligible for:

    • $20/hour part or full time placement for up to one year at a local non-profit organization. Participants will be employed by TRAC Associates which will pay their salary and benefits, etc.
    • Tuition assistance for vocational skills training
    • A stipend while in training for up to one year
    • A connection to housing through KC Rapid Re-Housing

    For more info: Contact Marvin Stern at or 425.223.7966.

    Live Another Day - Live Another Day believes in equal access to life-saving mental health and substance use resources. This website provides extensive information on the best resources available.


    Detox Local - An excellent resource that features abundant information including mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

    Maverick Cares - Free Holiday Meals


    Maverick Cares will be giving away 4000 holiday meals - each will feed a family of four. 


    Mill Creek - Silver Dollar 

    Kirkland- Caribbean  

    Tukwila - Great American 

    SeaTac - Silver Dollar 

    Seattle - Romans Casino

    Yakima- Caribbean Casino

    Pasco - Crazy Moose 

    Lakewood- Great American 

    Renton -Silver Dollar 


    Pick up is easy! Bring your ticket to the location you selected as closest to your home and we'll hand you your bag.


    Click Here to get your tickets.

    Back to School Mental Wellness Guide

    Pursuing higher education can be stressful for any college-bound student, but it can be more challenging for those with mental illness. According to a 2020 report by the CDC, people between 18 and 24 are more likely to experience anxiety and depression compared to other adult age groups making it more important to pick the right university. created an extensive guide to help students navigate the programs and policies supporting mental health. It covers topics from understanding their rights to potential accommodations, tips on accessing mental health services, and scholarships available specifically to them.

    You can view your guide here!

    Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center

    As I’m sure you already know, Medicare, like all health insurance programs, can be very complicated. As a Medicare plans resource center (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), with a core mission to tackle the challenges associated with Medicare, we aim to:

    1. Serve as a Medicare counselor, advocate, and educator.
    2. Provide fact-based, data-driven, expert-reviewed information about Medicare and Medicare rights.
    3. Advocate for and assist in finding actionable solutions to healthcare coverage problems for aging adults.

    Our newly updated resources on Medicare in Washington help guide seniors through all of the available Medicare plan options and provide a list of helpful community organizations across Washington that can further support seniors with choosing a plan that meets their financial and medical needs.

    Discounted Before and Afterschool Child Care

     Seattle Parks and Recreation offers programs that provide kids ages 5-12 with activities in areas such as arts and culture, environmental stewardship, health and fitness, academic support, and more.


    Scholarships based on household size and income can reduce the cost of the programs by 50% to 90%.


    TO APPLY: Go to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Before/After School Care web page.

    Multilingual Job Seeker's Workshop

    WorkSource hosts free virtual workshops for job seekers in multiple languages on topics such as financial capabilities, interviewing techniques, job-search strategies, perfecting applications, Resume and Cover letters, skills and abilities analysis, strategies for success, and more. 


    Click Here to see the WorkSource workshop calendar

    “I was sure that my circumstances were too unique and required more expertise and care than an 800 number could possibly provide. When I finally did call, I spoke with a  compassionate person who listened and understood my needs before providing me with the answers and the help I needed.”