Sharing similar experiences can break through feelings of isolation

Mental Health Support Groups on the Eastside.

A community of support

Mental Health Support Groups for people impacted by mental illness.


People living with mental illness as well as their loved ones often feel extremely isolated.
We are working to create a consistent community of support that brings people out of isolation and gives them hope for the future. Our Mental Health Support Groups offer insights, emotional support as well as successful strategies for coping with everyday challenges. All our Mental Health Support Groups are led by nationally-certified facilitators with lived experience of mental illness. All support groups are free, do not require insurance, and are held on a drop-in basis with no required length of participation. Visit our support calendar for more information, or download the flyers including schedules and descriptions for our available support groups at the links below.


To protect you during this time of social distancing, we are moving as many of our support groups as possible online.

NAMI eastside online support groups

“Peer Support Groups remind me that mental illness is just that – an illness – and with support from others and appropriate medical treatment, we can treat the disease while maintaining respect for the individual. There is strength in our numbers. I feel connected.”

ANDREA JAGLA, Peer Support Group Facilitator