Ways to Refill Your Kettle

If a kettle is out of water, there is no way to make tea until the kettle is refilled. People are the same way. As much as we may want to give everything to others, we need to stop and take time for ourselves. Here are some ways to help you refill your kettle:

  • Practice self-care. Not every once in a while, not just for a minute, but actually take time out of your day to take care of your body. Self-care looks different for every person, so find what works best for you. It may be journaling, meditating, exercising, baking, or something completely different, but what matters is it is time for you to listen to yourself and your needs.
  • Attend a NAMI Support Group or talk to a professional. It is easy to vent to friends or family, but they might not always be able to help. Talking to people who are there to listen and are trained to provide support can provide great relief. You can find our support group schedule here.
  • Take care of your physical health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and filling your body with healthy foods to keep you nourished. Exercise daily to help naturally produce stress-relieving hormones. Improving your physical health is a great way to support your mental health.
  • Try to change the way you think. Acknowledge that you are learning and give yourself space to make mistakes. Try not to feel bad about having negative thoughts, and work to incorporate positive self-talk into your thinking. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. It is easier said than done, but make an active effort to give yourself grace.

Your mental health matters. Put your self-care time into your calendar if that is what will get you to do it. Whatever works for you, do it. Keep refilling your kettle!


If you would like to help NAMI Eastside refill our kettle, please consider making a donation here.